New Command scenario: Sandies and Jollies

April 14, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – CWDB
Author – Chad Wemyss ‘cwemyss’

March 1968

A US Marine Corps F-4 was shot down over southern North Vietnam and both crew members ejected.  A rescue mission is on standby at Da Nang Airbase.  Take command and pick up the downed aircrew!

Total Units:  Approx. 40
Scenario Time:  3 hours

An F-4J from VMFA-334 working an Iron Hand mission over Route Package Two was shot down late yesterday.  Both crew members ejected with only minor injures in the hills west of Dong Hoi and made contact with other aircraft before going to ground for the night.

An O-2, call sign Nail, launched just before dawn to fix the exact location of the downed crew.  A rescue force is on standby at Da Nang to pick up the two men.  Enemy ground forces are expected to be moving to find and capture the crew; air opposition is possible but considered unlikely.  Radar coverage is provided by Red Crown (USS Chicago) in the Tonkin Gulf.

The approximate location of the two crew is marked.  Once friendly aircraft are within range they will make contact via survival radio.  To initiate rescue the helicopter must hover over a downed airman’s position for 60 seconds to make the pickup.

Assigned forces are as follows:

Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
One O-2, call sign Nail
One HC-130, call sign King
One HH-53, call sign Jolly
Four AD-6, call sign Sandy

VMFA(AW)-235 Death Angels
Six F-8E, call sign Cartwheel


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