New Command scenario: Great Asian War: Southwestern Front

April 14, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – ‘Coiler’

This hypothetical future war features Southeast Asia subjected to the biggest bombardment since the Vietnam War.

The Second Sino-Vietnamese War, or Great Asian War, was marked by the PLA air forces launching the largest air campaign in mainland Asia since Operation Linebacker. In the course of this campaign, the Chinese used their fledgling carrier force to go to a location inconvenient for their land-base air force-Cambodia. You are to control the Liaoning strike group in its attacks on Vietnam’s vassal.

This is China’s first use of a carrier in anger.


Greetings, Commander, Liaoning Group. Operation Chopping Blades, the umbrella designation for PLA interdiction operations against Vietnam and its allies, has commenced. Northern Vietnam is being targeted primarily by PLAAF units in China proper, and the central and southern part of the country is being attacked from PLANAF craft from Hainan. You have been tasked with striking at Vietnam’s puppet state of Cambodia.

The Cambodians with their underfunded and outdated military were nonetheless goaded into entering the war by their Vietnamese masters, and they launched an attack against our flanks in Laos. While the army has largely dealt with the attack, additional Cambodian units are mobilizing. The mobilization must be hindered as much as possible.

Enemy Forces:

-The advanced Vietnamese aircraft have been used to defend their own country, so only their most obsolete weapons have been transferred over to Cambodia. The defense is believed to consist of SA-2 SAMs, lighter AAA, and around 20 MiG-21 interceptors-all at best slightly upgraded from the original war.

Friendly Forces:

You control the Liaoning strike group and two squadrons of J-15s for the operation.


You are to strike at Pnomh Penn. Your primary targets are a pair of mobilization areas and parks of Cambodian armored vehicles. Cambodian air bases and defense units may be attacked to aid in the effort, but are not the priority targets.


Fire at will. The war has progressed enough that civilian traffic has stopped.


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