New Command scenario: Podengo Monday

April 14, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – CWDB
Author – Mark Gellis

During the 1960s, FRELIMO, a rebel movement seeking to liberate Mozambique from Portugal, gained assistance from the neighboring country of Tanzania.  In 1967, Tanzania formally adopted a socialist ideology.

This scenario makes two assumptions.  The first is that, late in 1967, Portugal threatened to use military force against Tanzania if they continued to support FRELIMO.  The second is that the Soviet Union, seeking to expand its influence in Africa, responded to the situation by offering Tanzania aid in the form of some older aircraft and warships.

By 1968, Tanzania’s military power has increased significantly.  And Portugal has decided that it is necessary to take action.


Author’s Notes

Tanzania has been set at the “Cadet” level of proficiency to model their relative lack of experience with Soviet military equipment. 



ATTN: Commanding Officer, Comandante Joao Belo

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION PODENGO MONDAY.


The Soviet Union has gone ahead and transferred warships and military aircraft to Tanzania, despite our protests in the United Nations.  Our government continues to argue that, given the current situation in Mozambique and Tanzania’s support for the FRELIMO rebels.

The Tanzanian task force is currently located near Dar es Salaam.


Our best intelligence estimates are that at least two warships, probably Skorry-class destroyers the Soviet Union was about to decommission, have been transferred to Tanzania.  In addition, Tanzania has received a number of Mig-21 fighters, and possibly other aircraft.


Your task force consists of frigates F 480 Comandante Joao Belo, F 472 Almirante Pereira da Silva, and F 473 Gago Coutinho, and the submarine S 163 Albacora. 

Military aircraft at Port Amelia and Mueda have been chopped to your command.


Our government believes the only way to prevent an escalation of the current situation is to strike first and to strike decisively.  If we crush Tanzania’s naval ambitions now, and clearly demonstrate our superiority at sea, it should prevent future adventurism on their part.

Locate and destroy any and all Tanzanian naval vessels.

You are free to destroy Tanzanian aircraft if they appear to threaten your mission.

Do not attack Tanzanian ground targets.


The Mozambique Channel is employed by a great deal of maritime commericial traffic.  Do not attack vessels until you are certain of their identity.

Aircraft may land and refuel at Mocimboa da Praia, but no munitions are available, so they must return to their bases to rearm.


Command: Comandante Joao Belo
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck!


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