New Command scenario: USS Baltimore CS1 – Typhoon Hell

April 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – ‘MCP5500’

Date / Time: September 5, 1983 / 2100 GMT
Location: Barents Sea
Playable Sides: NATO


On September 1, South Korean Airlines flight 007 from New York City to Seoul, via Anchorage, was shot down by the Soviets. All 269 passengers and crew aboard were killed. Also a US Congressman was among the passengers. Tensions between Washington and Moscow are rising. Intelligence reports the Soviets are readying its Northern Fleet and 6 hours ago 2 Victor IIIs and the Soviet’s new Typhoon class SSBN have put to sea.  NATO is sending a carrier group to the North Atlantic. Your Los Angeles Class is the only NATO SSN in the Barents Sea at this time. Washington believes the Soviets may have fired the first shot.


This is a precursor to war single sub action. Time compression is a big factor because of the distances covered. Users should be at version 1.03 or higher. Use reference points to mark your patrol zone. This will be part of a larger set of scenarios around USS Baltimore. Scenario 1. Enjoy!

September 5, 1983 / 2100 GMT
To: USS Baltimore


On September 1, South Korean airlines flight 007 from New York City to Seoul, via Anchorage, was shot down by the Soviets.  Tensions are very high. NATO is sending a carrier group to the North Atlantic. Early intelligence reports the Soviet Northern Fleet is preparing to put to sea. 6 hours ago the new Typhoon class SSBN (TK-208) and two Victor IIIs (K-254 and K-298) left port and we do not know their intentions. We just received flash intelligence that a third Victor III (K-502) will be leaving port tomorrow morning at 0300 GMT. The intelligence states that K-502 is assigned to patrol the southern approaches to TK-208’s patrol zone. K-502 will be leaving from the submarine base located in Kola bay.

Your Orders: Discover and follow K-502 and when you feel that K-502 has reached her patrol zone, break-off contact and proceed north undetected 35 to 45 miles to the bottom of TK-208’s patrol zone. Locate TK-208 and report her position.

You have 6 hours to Transit to the determined best intercept point N70.03’, E35.40’, marked on the map, to position yourself for K-502’s departure

TK-208 is believed to have very good passive haul and towed array sonar so use caution as you approach and search  her patrol zone. We believe the other two Victor IIIs are likely patrolling areas around TK-208 as well.

We expect ASW aircraft to be operating in the Barents Sea along with any ships patrolling the Kola Peninsula coast this time of year. Use caution when you approach the bay area as you can expect heavy harbor patrols.

Tensions are very high and Washington considers this act of aggression against innocent passengers and crew of flight 007 as the first shot. Let me be clear; if the Northern Fleet does put to sea within the next 12 hours, NATO may start hostilities.

Captain, this is the cat and mouse game we have trained for. Do not let them know you are there. Let them lead us to her. Good hunting and Gods Speed.


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