New Command scenario: Texas Crow

April 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis

China has established a very friendly relationship with many Caribbean nations, and has poured billions of dollars of aid into their economies.  One recipient of this aid has been Trinidad and Tobago.

This scenario assumes that Trinidad and Tobago has failed to use the money in a positive manner, although it has used some of the money to purchase older aircraft and patrol boats from China.  Not only is its government corrupt and inefficient, but it is widely believed to be supporting drug cartels and using their gunmen to commit assassinations in other countries in the Caribbean and Central America.

China has dismissed these charges and suggests that America simply wants an excuse to interfere with one of its allies. 

The issue reached a crisis point when Trinidad and Tobago refused to turn over indicted drug lord Fernando Gullavier to the United States for trial.  Gullavier is blamed for the murders of several American citizens, including the recent assassinations of two DEA agents.

The United States has dispatched a Littoral Combat Group (LCG) to the waters around Trinidad.  The question now being asked is whether the United States simply plans to keep a close watch on Trinidad or if it is planning some kind of military action.


Author’s Notes

The Block II LCS is a speculative modification of the Littoral Combat Ship.  Assuming that the United States Navy would have had several years to observe and test the first eight or ten Littoral Combat Ships, it is not unreasonable to assume that some enhancements would be made to newer ships in the two classes.  An obvious option is to put four-cell short VLS systems (each of them capable of carrying 16 quad-packed ESSMs) in the two modular weapon stations.

Fernando Gullavier is a fictional individual.  Any resemblance to any persons living or dead (or in any other state of existence) is purely accidental.


ATTN: Commanding Officer, Mason

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION TEXAS CROW.


Trinidad and Tobago continues to refuse to turn over the fugitive drug lord Fernando Gullavier.  Intelligence reports indicate he has moved to a private house on the island of Tobago.  The American government has decided to take action. 


In recent years, China has transferred a number of older patrol boats and combat aircraft to Trinidad and Tobago.  Trinidad and Tobago currently has five or six Type 37 boats, some of them armed with anti-ship missiles, and a small squadron of J-8 Finbacks.  China has also transferred a number of artillery pieces and short-range SAM systems to Trinidad and Tobago.  All of these are older platforms, some of them arguably obsolete, but they do provide Trinidad and Tobago with some degree of defensive firepower and standoff capability.


Your task force consists of DDG 87 Mason, LCS 8 Montgomery, LCS 12 Omaha, PC 8 Zephyr, and SSN 764 Boise.

Montgomery is equipped with a standard surface combat module (30 mm. cannons and MH-60 helicopters).  Omaha, a Block II LCS, is equipped with an advanced surface combat module (ESSMs and armed MQ-8B drones). 


1. Identify the location of the military Command Center and the military Communications Hub on the island of Tobago.  Destroy these targets.  This aspect of the mission is a "show of force" attack; we want Trinidad and Tobago to understand that even with powerful friends like the Chinese they cannot act with impunity.

2. Gullavier is most vulnerable when he is driving from his house to the airport to conduct business.  Dispatch the SEALs currently aboard LCS Omaha via submersible and eliminate the drug cartel leader directly or direct a helicopter or armed UAV to his location and kill him.

3. Move at least one of your vessels within the 12-mile territorial limit of Tobago.  The reference points are marked on your tactical map.  Keep that vessel on station until you receive additional orders.  Again, this is a "show of force" meant to demonstrate to Trinidad and Tobago that their sovereignty will only be respected as long as they themselves respect international law and the international community. 


Try to maintain the element of surprise so that Trinidad and Tobago does not have time to move Gullavier to a safe location.  Given the current situation, aircraft from Trinidad and Tobago are likely to make close and even aggressive flybys without actually attacking.  If possible, try to avoid firing on aircraft or naval vessels from Trinidad and Tobago until your primary mission is underway.  Obviously, if you are attacked, you should consider yourself free to return fire. 

You are cleared to attack targets of opportunity if they appear relevant to your mission or if their elimination will enhance the protection of your forces.


Command: Mason

Signal: EMCON C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck and Godspeed.


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