New Command scenario: Northern Fury 4 – A Cold and Lonely Place

April 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

clip_image002Database – DB3000
Author – Bart Gauvin ‘Gunner98’

14 February 1994

Jan Mayen is a Norwegian Island located in the Arctic Ocean 600 Km NE of Iceland and 1000Km West of the North Cape of Norway. The island boasts a local civilian population of 18, who are outnumbered more than 2:1 by a Norwegian Army signals detachment manning the weather station, radars and LORAN-C transmitter. In the last several hours a C-130 delivered some Air force ground crew and a small detachment of F-5s and a P-3 have just arrived.

The Red Banner Northern Fleet has two objectives, neutralize the radar and communications equipment and supplant it with Soviet equivalents; and the small gravel runway, Jan Mayensfield, which will be useful for future operations against Iceland.

This scenario is playable by both sides; however, it will be more challenging if you play NATO.

WP: You must capture the airfield, destroy all military resistance and preserve your strength and ammunition.

NATO: You must inflict damage, ensure the local fishing fleet escapes and once things become desperate, withdraw your forces to Reykjavík Iceland. No support should be expected, Norway is fighting for its life and the Airbase at Keflavik is still closed due to damage from a missile strike yesterday.

Designer’s Notes:

This is the forth scenario of a 20-24 scenario campaign. See the Northern Fury background document for further insight on the background and happenings so far. The key nuggets

· Cold War continued, no thaw in relations. Germany still divided, WP still alive and doing very well. (and while we are dealing with fantasy – the Soviet ships actually work ;-))

· The 3rd World war started yesterday. The Warsaw Pact forces led by the Soviet Union attacked NATO and other nations on a global scale, the main blow was in Western Europe fighting erupted in the Pacific, Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa. India has declared a separate war with Pakistan, North Korea attacked Southwards in an apparently independent move and Argentina is threatening the Falklands again (but has not attacked).

In earlier scenarios to this battle set, you found that the defences in North Norway have collapsed, the Soviet Northern Fleet has put to sea, and Soviet submarines are inflicting damage along the US Eastern seaboard.

  1. You should turn ‘special messages’ ON.
  2. Please respect the initial ready times for aircraft.
  3. Points are allotted for losses, more-so against Soviet loses in an effort to balance the game


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