New Command scenario: Northern Fury 2 – X-Ray Station

April 6, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Bart Gauvin ‘Gunner98’

This is the second scenario of a 20-24 scenario campaign. See the Northern Fury background document for further insight on the background and happenings so far. The key nuggets

· Cold War continued, no thaw in relations. Germany still divided, WP still alive and doing very well. (and while we are dealing with fantasy – the Soviet ships actually work ;-))

· Yesterday, 12 Feb 1994, the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, opened with ominous indications of trouble brewing. Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries were represented at the opening ceremonies but many of their athletes were not present at the start of the actual events this morning. The Russian Olympic village was empty and initial investigation found that many of the athletes had simply disappeared, while only a few had flown home. Norway ordered the IOC to cancel the games and evacuate the Olympic Village.

· Norway has called up its reserves, deployed forces to forward bases and has requested support from NATO. The request for support was submitted to the North Atlantic Council (NAC) 4 hours ago.

· It is now early afternoon on 13 Feb 1994.

X-Ray Station was a long standing patrol area for NATO submarines whose job it was to keep tabs on the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet, in particular the major surface units and the SSBNs.  Several US and occasionally UK submarines were on this station for almost 30 years!


Designer’s notes:

This scenario is playable by either side, as NATO your mission is to ‘detect and survive’ as WP your mission is to ‘transit and kill’.

You should turn ‘special messages’ ON,

This scenario features the USS Connecticut, SSN 22. Although in actual history the Connecticut was commissioned in December 98; the alternate reality of this battleset indicates that the Seawolf program would have proceeded as originally planned with SSN 21 laid down in 89 and 29 submarines of this class commissioned in the next 10 years. I assume that building would start slowly and only have 4 featured in the battleset, SSN 21 Seawolf, which you will encounter in the North Atlantic, SSN 22 in this and future scenarios, SSN 23 Jimmy Carter in the Pacific and SSN 24 Virginia in the Indian Ocean. The current Virginia class was created as a replacement for the Seawolf and does not exist in this battleset.


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