Scenario bonanza! Sixteen new scenarios on updated community scenario pack

March 12, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Miguel Molina has released a new version of the Command community scenario pack. The updated pack includes sixteen new scenarios!

  • Indian Ocean Brawl (The War that Never Was), 1989 : The Soviet Indian Ocean squadron must hold out against vastly superior NATO forces as long as possible. How long can this modern Light Brigade survive?
  • Black Gold, 1985 : Greece and Turkey very nearly went to war in 1987 over oil exploration & drilling rights. This scen assumes a similar crisis erupts two years earlier, and this time the hotheads get their way.
  • Operation Gudrun, 2012 : Based on the book Midvintermörker (Midwinter Darkness) by Lars Wilderäng. Russian forces have mounted an amphibious landing at Gotland. Chaos rules. The surviving Swedish forces must counterattack or lose everything.
  • Operation Kaman 99, 1980 : Iraq’s first blow on the Iran-Iraq war, a massive two-part airstrike, has been absorbed with little damage. Now Iran prepares for a grand counterstroke.
  • The Migrant War, 2013 : Pakistan and Oman get serious on cross-border migrant disputes. It’s Viper-on-Viper time!
  • Yellow Sea Patrol, 1949 : With the Chinese Civil War in full swing, a pair of American destroyers conducts a cautious patrol of the Yellow Sea. Will this be just another routine patrol like every else?
  • Attack on H-3, 1981 : The Iranian AF’s masterful end-around raid on Iraq’s sanctuary airbase, one of the most impressive OCA strikes in air warfare history.
  • Kiwi Strike, 1998 : New Zealand’s upgraded “Kahu” A-4Ks have a big bite for their size. But can they reach out and touch a modern warship? The crew of the guided missile frigate HMAS Canberra are about to find out, in a strike & air-defence exercise.
  • In the Calmest Waters Swim the Ugliest Fish, 1985: The Swedes have long suffered from intrusions of unidentified foreign ships and submarines in their archipelago. The stakes are now raised – trespassers will no longer be tolerated. Weapons are hot.
  • Who’s Sinking Our Ships, 2014 : Mines have damaged/sank more ships than any other weapon since WW2. What do you do when you suspect you are losing ships to mines? How do you react to the threat? And what do you do if you chance upon the culprit?
  • Take it, Brave York, 1990 : The winter of 1990 has seen increased tensions between the Soviet Union and NATO, and fleets from both sides are scattered out to sea. With itchy trigger fingers everywhere, HMS York has been instructed to investigate an unknown submarine contact northeast of RAF Leuchars.  She is assisted by HMS Brazen and the submarine USS Dallas.
  • Splendid Rambler, 1968 : Australia and Indonesia duke it out around a brand-new Indonesian SIGINT station on Enu Island. Can Australian ships survive against a strong air & surface screen?
  • Smooth Trail, 1988 : Day Ten of World War III. Europe lies in smoking ruins. A Soviet amphibious group is detected in the Denmark strait. The only available assets to intercept it are a motley bunch of French ships and submarines and a pair of German Tornados. Are they enough?
  • Randolph’s Racket, 1954 : The Suez crisis explodes two years early. Egypt targets US-flagged vessels. An Essex-class carrier and its escorts intervene.
  • Novi Pazer Pursuit, 1999 : In the middle of the Kosovo air campaign, strike at Serbian army formations and destroy the bridges through which they intend to pass. And avoid harming civilians. Piece of cake? Maybe not.
  • Pyrpolitis 1/14, 2014 : A faithful recreation of a real maritime-strike exercise ran by the Greek air force. Can you punch through a strong fighter+SAM screen and eliminate the enemy task group?

As always, all scenarios are available on the Downloads section of WarfareSims:


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