New Command scenario: Pyrpolitis 1/14

March 12, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Pyrpolitis (Firestarter) 1/14 was a COMAO exercise executed by the rapid-reaction elements of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) in the early hours of Thursday, Jan 30 2014, as part of the the larger Astrapi (Lightning) 1/14 joint-force exercise. During the exercise, aircraft from multiple HAF airbases participated in assaulting a strong naval formation (and its air cover) off the island of Chios. This is a reproduction of the exercise scenario.

This is a small, simple but tough AAW & ASuW (maritime strike) scenario with a duration of 8 hours. Greece is the only playable side.

Designer Note: In the real exercise, the frigate Lemnos stood-in for the OPFOR naval formation, with several HAF F-16s simulating the OPFOR air cover. Since the scenario of the exercise describes “a powerful naval formation” as the OPFOR, a number of representative potential adversary naval & air units have been used to populate OPFOR assets. 



ATTN: Commander, HAF RR elements 


A major OPFOR naval task force has taken up station between our mainland and the major islands of Chios & Psarra (ref points 1-4 on the map). Concurrent with movements of other OPFOR assets, it appears very likely that this force acts as the screen / sea-control element of a possible invasion action of one/both of these islands or any of the smaller islets in the area.


Enemy forces comprise of a number of main surface combattants, including a number of AAW-optimized frigates (likely AAW systems incl. SM-1MR, NSSM, ESSM). No auxiliary or amphib vessels have been observed in this group. Our EW radars have detected strong air cover for this group from what appear to be F-16Cs (likely weaponry AIM-9M/X, AIM-120B/C-7). Additional forward-staged AEW&C and tanker elements are likely to support the air umbrella.


The rapid-reaction elements under your command consist of:

  • 4x EMB-145 AEW&C at Elefsina
  • 4x F-16C Blk52+ (SEAD – HARM) at Souda
  • 4x F-16C Blk50 at Nea Anchialos (AAW – AIM-120)
  • 4x Mirage 2000EG at Tanagra (ASuW – Exocet)
  • 4x Mirage 2000-5 Mk2 at Tanagra (AAW – MICA)
  • 4x F-4E AUP at Andravida (ASuW – Maverick-G)
  • 4x A-7H at Araxos (ASuW – Mk82)


Use your available assets to cause maximum possible damage to the OPFOR naval force. Attrition to enemy air assets is welcome (particularly AEW/tanker elements) but is a strictly secondary objective. You have 8 hours to accomplish your mission.


At your discretion. Be aware that the tight time window does not allow for many return flights (unless on light A2A loadouts) so most/all of the work will have to be done in one go.


Command: ATA (Larissa)
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)


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