New Command scenario: Smooth Trail

March 12, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Database – DB3000
Author – Mark Gellis


This scenario assumes that the Soviets launched a massive offensive against Western Europe on August 1, 1988.

*** FLASH *** FLASH *** FLASH ***

ATTN: Commanding Officer, Colbert

You are instructed to initiate OPERATION SMOOTH TRAIL.


The War is now ten days old.  You are lucky, my friend, to be at sea; the devastation on both sides is simply beyond description.  Much of Europe lies in ruins.  The Soviet advance has been stopped, although at terrible cost, and they presently control much of West Germany, Denmark, and Greece.

Satellite images show that a Soviet task force is about to enter the Denmark Strait, en route to the North Atlantic.  It must be stopped.


Your target is a Soviet amphibious task force.  It consists of at least two warships, and unknown number of submarines, and at least two amphibious assault vessels.  Its final destination is not known, although it is possible that it is headed for the Mediterraean.


Your task force consists of four French warships–Colbert, Dupleix, De Grasse, and Jean de Vienne–and one French submarine, Casabianca.

Russian missile strikes have left most of the airfields on Iceland in shambles.  One of the few surviving airfields is Husavik.  Two German Tornados now operating out of Husavik have been chopped to your command.


Intercept and destroy the Soviet task force.


The Soviets appear to be headed for the Denmark Strait.  Intercepting them as they enter the North Atlantic, to the west of Iceland, is probably your best option.  Its only serious drawback is that the Soviets will almost certainly be expecting you.

In case you were wondering, the name of your mission was suggested by an American naval officer, apparently in reference to the weather you are currently experiencing.  The Americans have such a droll sense of humor.


Command: Colbert
Signal: EMCON State C (Unrestricted Emissions)

Good luck.  Vive la France!


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