New Command Scenario: Who’s Sinking Our Ships

March 12, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Paul ‘Jorm’

Situation: In the last 12 hours two ships have been lost under mysterious circumstances on approach to Darwin harbour. It is suspected that they have both hit mines. Commercial traffic is still inbound and ships are maintaining holding patterns on the approaches to the harbour.

Military assets are scarce as all of Australias northwestern harbours are being cleared for mines. Indonesia has leant one Kondor class mine hunting vessel to aid efforts to reopen Darwin harbour. One Huon class is available just off Darwin.

One Orion from 11 Sqn out of RAAF base Edinburgh has just arrived as is being refuelled and reamed ASAP.

HMAS ANZAC is ready for ASW ops to the north.

Mission: Conduct mine clearing operations in the western and northern approaches to Darwin harbour.

If the mines were laid by submarines the culprit may still be in the area, use available assets to conduct ASW operations on the northern and western approaches.

All subsurface contacts are to be considered hostile.


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