New Command scenario: In the Calmest Waters Swim the Ugliest Fish

March 12, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – ‘Pergite!’

“In the calmest waters swim the uglist fish” Swedish Proverb


The submarine hunts or submarine incidents were a series of several incidents involving foreign submarines that occurred in Swedish territorial waters during the Cold War, more specifically during the 1980s. In this time, there was intensive debate and speculation in Swedish media about the possibility of Soviet submarine infiltration of Swedish territorial waters.

The Swedish navy responded aggressively to these perceived threats, increasing patrols in Swedish waters, mining and electronically monitoring passages, and repeatedly chasing and attacking suspected submarines with depth charge bombs, but no hits or casualties were offically ever recorded.

Reports of new submarine sightings and television imagery of Swedish Navy helicopters firing depth charges into coastal waters against suspected intruders became commonplace in the mid-to-late 1980s. They remain, for many Swedes, one of the iconic images of the Cold War and of the Swedish relation to the Soviet Union—for some underlining what was considered a major threat to Swedish sovereignty.

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Scenario setting

This scenario takes place on 1 May 1985. You are acting commander of the Swedish West Naval Command (Marinkommando Väst) with HQ in Gothenburg, the port of Scandinavia. Its a national holiday and limited forces are currently available through out the country.

Two patrol vessels HMS Modig and HMS Munter are out in the Kategatt, conducing vessel traffic controll along the heavily trafficed shipping route between Sweden and Denmark. Alert figher jets are standing by at Såtenäs airbase, and the helicopters are being readied at Säve airbase. Except for the officers, all other ranks throughout your organization are manned by conscripts.




DTG 010800MAY85 – 020800MAY85

Overcast 14C+ 10% for precipitation, 4-6m/s SW, calm seas.

Friendly forces:

(PCFG) HMS HUGIN underway patrolling shipping lanes, conducting vessel traffic control iot establish recognized maritime picture.

(PCFG) HMS MODE leaving GOTHENBURG, tasked to support HMS HUGIN

HKP 4 (Y 90, Y 92, Y 95) at SÄVE

Ready Air at SÅTENÄS AFB (AJ37 Viggen ; Gustav 21, Gustav 22, Gustav 23, Gustav 24)


Surface threat:

Soviet surface group consisting of two destroyers, one frigate and one auxiliary ship reported to be operating in the NORTH SEA.

Underwater threat:

31 unconfirmed submarine sightings have nationally been reported so far this year 10 of these on the west coast. The latest active engagement (22 depth charges dropped)  against a foreign sub-surface contact was on in february 1984.

Civilian situation

Busy shipping lane (Route-T) running S-N between DENMARK and SWEDEN.

Commercial fishers active along the SWEDISH WEST Coast.
Commercial passenger traffic from GOTHENBURG to DENMARK, NORWAY and GERMANY.


Neutralize foreign submarines operating unlawfully inside SWEDISH territorial waters.
Patrol SWEDISH maritime zone and conduct vessel traffic control.


Within means and capabilities fulfill above stated mission


Free to engage any sub-surface threats within SWEDISH territorial waters (12nm from baseline).
All other ROE are in self defence.


Forward refuling capability for rotary aviation possible in HALMSTAD.
Re-arming not possible from any forward positions at this time.

Command & Signal

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