New Command scenario: Attack on H-3

March 11, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – David Jarman, ‘Fox1’
Iran vs. Iraq
Time/Date: 4th April 1981 / 07:15 Zulu – 10:15 Local
Location: Iraq
Playable Sides: Iran


After an Iraqi FROG-7 rocket attack on two of their cities, Iranian Air Force commanders were resolved to launch a fitting counterattack on Iraqi long-range strike assets.

Their aim was to eliminate or cripple the Iraqi Air Force’s Tu-16 and Tu-22 bomber squadrons, recently redeployed to the far west of the country and (in the minds of the Iraqis) outside the effective range of Iranian counterstrikes.

Unfortunately for the Iraqis, the officially-neutral Syrians had permitted Iranian tankers to be staged at Damascus Airport, opening up some interesting possibilities for Iranian strike aircraft…

Scenario Notes

This hopes to be a relatively close approximation of the actual H-3 ‘Blitz,’ with a secondary aim of providing an interesting PvP scenario for Baloogan’s Joint Command.

Orders for CMDR IRIAF

Date: 4th April 1981 / 14th Farvardin 1360

Command: Boeing 747-100, 11th TAS Detachment, Damascus.

Execution: At your discretion.

EMCON: Unrestricted.



In the past months, our war against the Iraqi infidels has reached a stalemate, with both sides taking significant losses in the air and on the ground. Two weeks ago, in an attempt to regain the initiative on the northern front, the Iraqis used FROG-7 rockets on the cities of Dezful and Ahvaz.

It has been determined that Saddam must be punished for this dastardly attack on our people, and his long-range strike capabilities curtailed in order to protect our cities. The Tu-16 and Tu-22 bombers that have been plaguing us for so long must be dealt with.

Our intelligence sources have determined that the Iraqis have recently re-deployed their 7th and 8th Bomber Squadrons to the H3 airfield complex close to the Jordanian border, in the belief that this will put them beyond the reach of counterstrikes. Today, you will prove the Iraqis wrong.


  1. Perform a long-range strike on the H3 facilities to destroy or damage Tu-16 and Tu-22 bombers on the ground.
  2. Inflict maximum damage on Iraqi fighter aircraft that attempt to intercept your forces. This attrition will be beneficial to our plans for a 180-day air offensive in the near future.

Enemy Forces

The Iraqi Air Force remains a formidable opponent even after the losses we have inflicted.  Fighter squadrons based at Mosul, Kirkuk, and Shaibah may prove troublesome to this operation, and are known to fly MiG-21 and MiG-23 variants.

Intelligence suggests that two squadrons of recently-acquired French Mirage F.1EQs may be operational at West Qayyarah.Baghdad continues to be heavily defended by air and surface assets. It is advised that you avoid this area during this operation.

Available Assets

Damascus International Airport*

  • 2 x Boeing 747-100 Tanker / Airborne Command Post

*The Syrians have graciously allowed us to forward-deploy support assets to Damascus. However, as they officially remain neutral, we cannot have full access to their airspace. Use at your discretion.

Tabriz International Airport

  • 12 x F-5E Tiger II
  • 2 x Boeing 707-3J9C Tanker

Hamedan Air Base

  • 10 x F-4E Phantom II
  • 3 x RF-4E Phantom II

Dezful Air Base

  • 16 x F-5E Tiger II

Omideyeh Air Base

  • 8 x F-14A Tomcat


You have 24 hours to accomplish this task.

Historical Notes

To increase their chances, Iranian commanders decided to fly their aircraft along a northern route passing over the mountains of the Iraqi-Turkish border. The Iranian attack against the H3 airfields was the most successful Iranian air operation since 1967. Several Iraqi aircraft were destroyed in the air and on the ground, with no loss of life on the Iranian side.


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