New Command scenario: The Migrant War

March 11, 2014 · Posted in Command 

88Database – DB3000
Author – ‘Coiler12’

Incidents involving Pakistani workers in Oman lead to a wider clash between the two countries, with the PAF and PN striking back at Omani targets.

ATTN: Commander, Combined Strike Force


Relations between Oman and Pakistan have deteriorated in the past several months. In April several Pakistani-born militants conducted a high-profile attack on an Omani shipping terminal. Since then, there have been numerous attacks on Pakistanis working in the sultanate. The final straw came in early August when the ROP summarily executed over ten migrants, and were not punished. Now a limited retaliatory strike and show of force has been ordered.

Enemy Forces:

-The Omani navy consists of a limited number of missile boats, some of which are in drydock. Intelligence estimates three to five are active and able to resist.
-The RAFO units defending Muscat consist of one squadron-equivalent of heavily upgraded F-16s and a similar number of older Jaguars.
-Muscat Airport itself undoubtedly has heavy SAM coverage. Multiple Rapier batteries are estimated.

Friendly Forces:

-Increased tensions near the Indian and Afghan borders ensure that only limited units can be spared for the Oman operation.
-The naval component of the task force is a surface action group of three one Zulfiqar-class and three Type 21 frigates.
-The PAF component consists of a detachment of F-16s and squadron of Mirage IIIs based out of Pasni, along with an AEW aircraft and EW plane. Additionally, a detachment of F-7s is based out of Gwadar.


-The SAG is to sail to the marked area north of Muscat and remain there.
-The runway at Muscat Airport is also to be destroyed.


Eliminate any Omani units that attempt to resist. Do not enter Iranian territory.


Command: PAS Pasni
Signal: EMCON State C (unrestricted emmissions)

Good luck.


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