New Command scenario: Operation Gudrun

March 11, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – George Hedfors, ‘blh42’

The scenario is based on the latter part of the book Midvintermörker (Midwinter Darkness) by Lars Wilderäng.


Russia has attacked Swedish forces using the fleet exercise ‘Zabat-12’ as cover. Russian forces has begun an amphibious landing near Slite, Gotland.

STRIL (Swedish combat management system) along with every radar system in the country has been cut off initially during the first hour of the attack and we no longer know exactly what’s in the air.

The remaining Swedish military leaders has come up with a bold plan of action in order to limit the occupation force and stop Russia from landing further units from their occupation force.

Gudrun as operation name was chosen as she was a mean bitch of a storm that struck Sweden back in 2005 and destroyed a lot of valuable forestry resources.


Satellite images brought by Norway from their NATO resources show that the main Russian landing craft, a RoRo (roll on, roll off) carrier has started to unload forces. However, it’s estimated that it will take at least 24 hours to complete the procedure.

At least one SA-15 AA battery has been spotted and should be operational shortly.


Swedish forces have retaken Visby airport after it was briefly in the hands of Russian paratroopers. This allows two Gripens from Gator which are stationed stationed at Visby to fly. However, keep in mind that we have no idea of what’s in the air at the moment due to the radar black out.

Air forces from F21 Kallax have been relocated to F16 and are now ready for action.

Additional aircraft have been pulled back from joint exercises on Iceland and have been located to the wartime base HAGSHULT. However Hagshult has a limited number of weapons. Most available weapons are currently at F16.

Two TP 84 stand ready at F7 Såtenäs to bring in two platoons of special forces who should be able to pinpoint the location of those SA-15s.

A reduced company of Combat Boat 90 (Stridsbåt 90) are available and can land two RB17, Hellfire platoons at LZ 2 in order to sink the RoRo ship if every other option fails.


1. Secure Tingstäde with ground units in order to stop any Russian ground forces from passing this point.

2. Secure the airspace on and around Gotland enough to for a safe air drop. The drop may have to be done even if the airspace is not 100% in our hands.

3. Bring the TP 84s over the designated landing zone to the west of Slite.

4. Find SA-15s and have them destroyed using STRIX mortars or other weapons available.

5. Destroy the RoRo ship before it is able to unload the majority of the landing force.

Objective 4 has to be reached in order to stop a full scale occupation!


EMCON state B, limited emissions. We need to keep our pilots alive.

Good luck!


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