New Command scenario: Black Gold

March 11, 2014 · Posted in Command 

Database – DB3000
Author – Steve Raymond, ‘Admsteebe’

This fictional scenario takes the 1987 “Sismik Incident” a step further by establishing active Turkish oil platforms in the Aegean Sea, setting up for a defenative armed conflict between the two countries.


Turkish and Greek tensions have run high once again in the Aegean Sea. Early this year, Turkish geologists had discovered an oil field south of the Greek island of Agios Efstratios and those wells had come online over the last 48 hours.

Athens has claimed that the oil fields are well within their territorial waters as determined by the International Law of the Sea and any rigs that begin drilling operations will be destroyed.

Greece has deployed several warships to the region and have readied several airwings at Athens. Turkey, severly underequiped, is struggling to muster a response to protect the billions of dollars of oil platforms.


We have begun drilling oil from two platforms and to which Greece and vehemently objected and has begun deploying naval forces near Agios Efstratios. The United Nations seemingly has sided with Greece yet has voted to remain militarily neutral. Greek high officials have publically vowed to retaliate;

“…any operation that removes oil, shale, natural gas or any other natural resource from our undisputed territorial waters and continental shelf shall see their own vessels face a cold and dark journey to the bottom of the sea.”

We have begun stepping up our own patrols within the North Agean Sea and are willing and able to protect the property of the Republic of Turkey.

Enemy Forces

Greece has sent several naval vessels to the region and our intelligence has reportred that Athens has several fighter and attack wings ready.

Friendly Forces

In response to the show of force as well as the vocal threats against our oil platforms, we have ordered out naval forces to take position near the rigs as well as establish a “no fly zone” over the oil platforms. Our fighters and attack aircraft are placed on immediate standby at Bandirma and can be immediately dispatched to enforce the no fly zone.

Neutral Forces

We have seen and up-tick in ferry service from nearby Greek islands which are equally divided in transfering their citizens north and west. Scheduled commercial flights are also leaving the region on a higher paced scheduled than before.


We must protect our assets within the Aegean at all costs by

1)Enforcing the no fly zone over the platforms.
2)Engaging all hostile surface contacts within striking distance of the platforms.


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