ATV launches

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ATV India Today reports that India’s new SSBN will be launched from its dock on July 26:

The sub (a modified design of Russia’s Charlie class nuclear powered submarine which India leased and used as the INS Chakra for three years) will make India the sixth country in the world to operate an N-sub. The launch is only the first step in a two-year process where the submarine will undergo harbour trials of its nuclear reactor and systems before the vital sea trials. Two more hulls are ready for fabrication at the Shipbuilding Centre, a drydock in the Naval Dockyard.

Hat tip: Kobus

APA: SA-3 & SA-5 update

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Australian Air Power (Carlo Kopp’s two-man “think tank”) has updated briefings on two widely-employed SAM systems, the S-125 (SA-3) and S-200 (SA-5). Good tech stuff and useful doctrinal/operational context in there.

Links and videos courtesy of ELP.

Yuri Dolgoruki: More shots and a 3D model

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From U-96

Summit for the abolishment of cluster bombs

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cluster-bombsUPI reports  on a large-scale summit in Berlin with representatives from more than 80 countries, with the aim of abolishing cluster munitions:

Germany had become the 11th country to ratify the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which was adopted in December 2008. The German Defense Ministry said it would destroy its remaining bombs by 2015 — quicker than the treaty demands.

So far, 98 countries have signed the document, but 30 countries need to ratify before it comes into effect.

Erler said he was confident that the 30 ratifications would be reached in 2010 by the latest. But without the biggest owners of stockpiles on board, plans remain plans.

Some of the biggest military powers, however, including the United States, Russia, China, Israel and India, stayed away from the conference.

Robert McNamara: RIP

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