Command Professional Edition

“I have used CMANO in a Military and Strategy Studies course here at USAFA that is focused on operational art in surface warfare. I found your program to be an excellent teaching tool, especially for driving home important real-world concepts like mass, synchronization, logistic support and the critical need for ISR in the operational environment. I commend the entire CMANO team for producing a remarkable military simulation!”  – CDR Dan Rader, USN

Command will find a following not only among civilian gamers but might have value among military, government, and policy circles as a simulator of modern warfare– US Naval Institute

“This isn’t just a game. It’s a simulation that’s as close as many of us will ever get to real Pentagon simulation. […] I strongly suspect that this game won’t prove any less accurate than the government’s tippity-top-secret simulations”  – Michael Peck

“I would list the names of people who have been talking to me about this game for the last year, but I feel like I would be name dropping. Needless to say the range of people involved in beta testing range from an Admiral in the US Navy to professors at the US Naval War College to some distinguished Fellows of several think tanks” – Information Dissemination

“A good gift for the fairly committed war gamer or anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of modern military operations”Stratfor

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, the award-winning wargame that took the serious gaming community by storm, is now available for professional employment. Already used by a number of top-tier defence contractors, CMANO-PE is fast becoming the defacto standard in serious gaming and desktop analysis.

Boasting “by default” its powerful, scalable simulation engine, flexible and customizable user interface and breathtaking open-source database, Command can be further extended to meet your organization’s gaming, simulation & analysis needs.


Command PE is already in use by a number of departments in the US Air Force and Navy, as well as multiple defence contractors worldwide (incl. BAE Systems). Additional information is available upon request.


Currently available functionality exclusive to Command PE:

  • NEW in v1.12! Integrated script-less communications jamming (ties with the new comms disruption feature)
  • NEW in v1.12! Directed tactical-EMP weapons (e.g. CHAMP)
  • NEW in v1.12! Hypersonic Glide Vehicles
  • NEW in v1.12! TCP/IP socket access to Lua API (ie. any external application can manipulate the running simulation via Lua calls)
  • Full database editing
  • Ability to use on-demand commercial imagery – MS Bing Maps
  • Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Import external data in XML format
  • Export event notifications to files/databases or external data consumers
  • Ability to override Command’s internal mechanics (use your own custom models)
  • Ability to export to Tacview for 3D visualization
  • Source code licensing

Planned features:

  • Integrated asynchronous-WEGO multiplayer mode with optional Umpire and Observer modes
  • Extended costing
  • DIS/HLA integration
  • Ability to use on-demand commercial imagery – Other providers such as Google Maps
  • and much more…

Each set of extensions is available separately, to tailor to your organization’s needs and budget flexibility.

In addition, the Warfare Sims personnel offer dedicated customer support services for any selected professional extension – ensuring maximum return on your investment.

Contact us to find out how Command can fulfill your team’s requirements at an unbeatable combination of performance, support and TCO.