Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Downloads

Community Scenario Pack

A selection of scenarios made by the Command community, this pack is your one-stop source for adding even more scenarios to your Command experience!

DOWNLOAD  (January 5, 2019 version)

How to use: Unzip the file in your \Scenarios\Community folder (create it if it does not exist).


Database Images & Descriptions Add-ons




How to use: If you purchased via Matrix please unzip to the [Command]\DB\Images folder. If purchased by Steam please unzip to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Command Modern Air  Naval Operations\DB\Images folder. If you’ve chosen custom location for an install you’ll have to find the Command/DB/Images folders accordingly.

Credits: stormridersp, fab94, renders, alkiap, sstrong, RoyHarper, Runibl, bradinggs, CV60, Meroka37, conforoa, OldPascas, Pukeko, SilentHunter, snowburn, baskreuger, Henry Morgan, Dobey, fool12342000, Papa_Hausser, incredibletwo, apd1004, Dobey, Barny, Galilchan, frosen, scottb613, RafaleKiwi; Korvar, MR_BURNS2, Jan Masterson, Nutworld, kgambit, tebe-interesno, Skjold, Schr75